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International Digital Preservation Day – Kryoflux-athon 2017!

Back in July I posted the great news that we’d purchased a Kryoflux, along with 5.25″ drives, to enable us to read the growing number of disks we’re finding in our collections. Following that acquisition we, on Halloween, hosted our own first ‘Bring out your dead’ day, where staff popped into our Digital Triage Unit to seek resuscitation of their precious data. It was such a successful event we’re now empowered to push the boundaries of our capabilities and for one day only…we’re going to run a Kryoflux-athondun, dun, dah!

Just as the ‘Flux Capacitor’ in Back to the Future enabled Marty to travel back in time, we are going to use our ‘Kryoflux’ to travel back in time and harvest as much data off as many disks as we can possibly image, in one day. I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking about our endeavours as the day progresses and I’ll treat you all with a little video of our Kryoflux in action on our Quarantine PC.

Come join me as we head back to 1985…or thereabouts!


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