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I knew you were waiting (for me) – Archivematica and CentOS

Following on from extensive testing and evaluation we are now in a position to seriously begin work to develop a functioning digital preservation system. However, as we all know, the path to happiness is rarely paved.

A minor stumbling block we recently came across was that we, as an institution, aim to ensure that there is consistency in what our IT systems run on. At present we support CentOS. Archivematica runs on Ubuntu, which is an OS we don’t have much experience of. Whilst we’ve been able to accommodate this for testing of the system on a virtual machine, setting this up in a live environment has required us to consider our options.

Mercifully, when we approached Artefactual with this issue they were able to offer some options. It is possible to run Archivematica on CentOS but some development work is required. Luckily it is something that doesn’t take a huge amount of time or cost a huge amount either. So toward the end of last year we partnered with Arkivum to fund this work and Artefactual are currently developing the necessary rpms as recently tweeted.

This is an exciting step forward for us as we’ll soon be able to move toward actually piloting this for long term preservation of digital content. But moreover it will hopefully enable other institutions to take advantage of this flexibility and extend the reach of this software. Having more users of Archivematica can only help ensure its sustainability and relevance to practical issues digital archivists across the world are facing.


2 Responses to “I knew you were waiting (for me) – Archivematica and CentOS”

  1. nice

    Posted by John Williams | June 1, 2016, 11:31 am
  2. This is something very interesting to see and something I’d like to see more institutions do.
    It is a longterm challenge because technology changes so quickly and there is still no reliable long term storage media despite all the advances of the last 20 years.
    Can your organization document this project in more detail?
    I am also glad to assist where I can please email if I can be of assistance.

    Posted by Areeb Yasir | February 15, 2016, 6:11 pm

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